Anastrozole is one of the most popular Aromatase Inhibitors (AI's) on the market, and many people buy Anastrozole for their anti-estrogen needs. The original purpose of this AI was to combat breast cancer, and it is still used for that purpose today. In fact, it is one of the leading medications used in the fight against breast cancer due to its anti-estrogenic properties. For the same reason, the anti-estrogenic properties, the AI is also used in male Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) plans. When exogenous testosterone is administered this can cause estrogen levels to rise due to the aromatization of testosterone. For this same reason, many anabolic steroid users will also buy Anastrozole. In the world of performance enhancement, this is the leading anti-estrogen. More anabolic steroid users buy Anastrozole than any other AI or anti-estrogenic medication.

Buy Anastrozole Tablets:

Those who buy Anastrozole tablets are purchasing the compound in its original form, simply a small tablet taken orally. The original Anastrozole tablet Arimidex is the most well-known; however, Arimidex, the actual brand is extremely expensive. The vast majority of those who buy Anastrozole will do so in generic form as the total cost is far more affordable.

You can buy Anastrozole tablets on the pharmaceutical and black market with relative ease. Although this is not a controlled substance in the U.S. you will still need a prescription in order to make a legal purchase. Those who do attempt to buy Anastrozole on the black market will find most steroid suppliers carry the AI and it's generally very affordable, but this will be an illegal purchase. Regardless, if you buy Anastrozole tablets your best bet will be to stick with generic brands over the original Arimidex brand.

Buy Anastrozole Liquid:

Increasingly many anabolic steroid users buy Anastrozole in an oral liquid form. This is the same Anastrozole medication found in the tablet; there is no difference other than its resting state. Unlike the tablet version, you can legally buy Anastrozole without a prescription from a Research Chemical Lab (RCL). RCL's are able to sell Anastrozole in its liquid state among other non-controlled items as long as it's for research purposes and purchased for research purposes. This is one of the strangest laws on the books when it comes to medications and it can be interpreted many ways, but it's one many use to their advantage. Unfortunately, if law enforcement decided to make an issue out of such a purchase, if you buy Anastrozole from an RCL it will be on you to prove the research claim. This can be extremely difficult to do, even if it's a legitimate claim. It can be even more difficult if you have anabolic steroids on hand.

If you decide to buy Anastrozole from an RCL, while there are many excellent labs on the market there are several that are not worth your time. Rarely will you find the products to be dangerous, but often they are manufactured in a way that causes them to rapidly lose potency and stability. Many are also often mixed at such a high concentrated level dosing can be extremely difficult. Before you buy Anastrozole from an RCL a lot of research into the RCL will be imperative. You can find some excellent deals on some excellent products but not all RCL's are worth your time.

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