Side effects of Anastrozole are possible but overall this is a generally well-tolerated medication. The most common side effects of Anastrozole will be due to response issues. This simply refers to an individual being a poor responder to the medication. This is not a concept unique to Anastrozole but one that holds true with all medications from prescriptions to over the counter cold remedies. We are all unique individuals with varying response levels, but most will respond favorably to this medication.

Primary Side Effects of Anastrozole:

The primary side effects of Anastrozole largely surround response, but the most common of all revolves around this compound's very nature. Anastrozole belongs to a class of medications known as Aromatase Inhibitors (AI's) and like all AI's it is designed to suppress estrogen. Extremely low estrogen levels can make the individual feel very weak and tired. For breast cancer patients, the primary reason for Anastrozole use, this can be very common as large doses of the medication are necessary, and it's often something the patient simply has to live with until therapy ends. For the anabolic steroid user or testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) patient, this is a side effect that shouldn't be a large concern. Such individuals will only need to use a minimal amount of Anastrozole to control estrogen from getting too high and should not have a need to suppress it below optimal levels.

Beyond lethargy the side effects of Anastrozole may include headaches and hot flashes for those who are poor responders. High blood pressure can also be linked to a poor response but is rare as is nausea and vomiting. Joint pain can also be a concern, but it takes severally suppressed levels to cause a true problem. Severally suppressed estrogen levels may also promote depression, but this is extremely rare.

Note: The side effects of Anastrozole have in some cases been linked to an increased risk of osteoporosis as the compound has been shown to reduce bone mineral content. However, while possible it is generally only associated with long term extensive use, primarily in association with female breast cancer treatment. Anabolic steroid users or TRT patients should not have this issue as testosterone will greatly increase and promote bone mineral content.

The Side Effects of Anastrozole & Cholesterol

For many years it has been speculated that AI's like Anastrozole may have the ability to negatively affect lipid values, particularly in the suppression of HDL cholesterol. However, data has shown us that when used alone (without steroidal hormone intervention) any cholesterol affect will be minimal if it exist at all. Then we have the use of steroidal hormones, particularly those that aromatize like testosterone. Data has shown that TRT level doses of testosterone should not have a statistical affect on cholesterol. Conversely, data has shown that supraphysiological doses of testosterone may suppress HDL cholesterol by more than 20% in some men. Then we have the introduction of an AI into a TRT plan and data has shown this same suppression of HDL cholesterol may occur, but is also very controllable with proper therapy planning as well as a cholesterol friendly lifestyle. With suprasphysiological doses of testosterone the use of an AI should not increase the rate of HDL suppression beyond what occurs through testosterone use and again should be controllable through diet and nutrition along side responsible use.

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